Behind The Neon Lights Vol.1.

XSRY's Behind The Neon Lights Vol.1 EPK is now available in our downloads section. 45+ minutes of electronic/house mix. This track is intended as a bedtrack for possible shows in this genre. So if we show up in your town, this is the just of what you may hear.




XSRY has uploaded it's first online EPK. GENERATOR is an instrumental piece consisting of various elements of electronic music and sampling. We began creating these tracks as part of the learning curve but they turned out so fricken awesome, we had no choice but to turn it into something. This EPK is a preview of the LMTD press, hand painted, 10 track LMTD Press CDR version being released 11-10-09. - (A). of XS|2Y.



The Fall has begun.

XSRY has uploaded it's newest online EP, "The Fall". The release is now available to download for free in our Downloads section. "The Fall", was a giant step in a new direction for XSRY. It withstood the "Crash of 2008" and tested our ability to produce in different ways. As we move through "The Void", you will begin to hear and see what we mean. As we fell and found the bottom, now we must get back up. - (A). of XS|2Y.



XSRY is free? How can this be?

XSRY has updated the download section on Now available, you can download Sindustrial Revolution, Testata, and Rubicon individually or as a torrent set which includes the infamous "ISMS" series. In June, "The Fall" will be available. Enjoy The Free Downloads.

Your welcome and thank you...(A). of XS|2Y.


XSRY is ready for "The Fall"... Are You?

XSRY has completed their newest online EP called "The Fall". The tracklist is posted in the music section. XSRY will remain in the studio for the next year and a half. So far we have amassed an entire collection of tracks that will be released in due time and without notice. :) . As "The Void" gets deeper. On the nineth chapter, XSRY will release their first 45 minute EPK (epic) called "Behind The Neon Lights Vol.1". This release is intended to be a more universal release to reach out to a wider audience within the electronic/house mix music genre.


XSRY remix To Appear On :WUMPSCUT: :FUCKIT: Box

XSRY had remixed a track from :WUMPSCUT:'s new album :FUCKIT: called "Cut To See How Much I Bleed". The track is featured on CD2 of the box version Of the album available in April 2009. You can also check out snippets of the new record at


XSRY launches Ver 4.0

Excuse us for not keeping up with Ver 3.0. XSRY sufferesd a series of computer crashes and lost tonnes of material that had been developed for the page. XSRY also had to complete the earlier sessions of the upcoming release, "The Fall" EP with new equipment. This was a hard time for XSRY. Now with Ver 4.0 up, XSRY has it's shit figured out and will keep a more updated and easily navigatable website.



For now... Fuck Off!