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Due To The Graphic Content And Controversial Subjects That We (XSRY As

A Whole) Cover In Our Works, This Material Should Not Be Viewed Or Heard By

People Who Are Easily Offended, Ignorant, Naive, Literal, Or Critical.


As Subliminal As It Seems, Our Works Are Based On Real Events, Art

Works, Cultures, History, And Religious Practices And Are Dictated Through

A "Universal Image". Our Messages Are Expressed An In-Direct Form

And Do Not Persecute Any Person, Country, Religion, Majority Or Minority

Directly. We (XSRY As A Whole) Are Not Fascist, Communist, Satanic,

Or Religious By Any Means, But We Express These Topics In A Direct



We Do Not Condone The Use Of Drugs, Alcohol, The Occult, Fascism, Communism,

Violence, Religion, Gambling, Nuclear Warfare, Genocide, Racism, Oppression,

Suicide, Animal Abuse, Table Hockey, Fire-Arms, Or Fossil Fuels.


We (XSRY As A Whole Or In Part) Do Not Accept Any Responsibility For Easily

Impressionable People.


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